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Co-Integrated Steam and Compression Cycle (CSCC®) Technology

CSCC® technology is the most cost effective solution to increase the share of renewable energy in any power generation mix due to its predictability of dispatch, low cap-ex, high efficiency, embedded flexibility and high utilisation rate.

BioFlex®160 is the first in a range of new biomass fired power plants that are based on the transformational CSCC® thermal cycle. BioFlex®160 is a utility scale plant. A single unit produces 160MWe of flexible electricity and up to 240MWt of flexible heat in a decoupled heat and power (DHP®) arrangement. BioFlex®160 can be stand alone or be placed in series, as appropriate to its environment.

Carbon Recycled Energy
Market Leading Flexibility

Ramp rate of 10% capacity per minute; comparable with CCGTs

Grid Services

Able to provide balancing and enhanced frequency response

Best in Class Efficiency

Net electrical efficiency to the grid >41

Decoupled Heat and Power (DHP®)

No trade-off between production of electricity and heat

Reduced Cost

Modular construction, pre-assembled packages, no turbine island

Reduced Installation Time

Pre-fabricated to allow on site assembly of containerised equipment

Emissions and Regulatory Compliant

Exceeds requirements for sulphur, NOx and particulates

Carbon Capture Ready

Unique low temperature, high CO2 content of flue gas, with reserved space for selected CCS technology

Market leading efficiency and flexibility using proven equipment and delivered at a competitive cost.

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Castle European is a utility-scale energy systems technology business

Castle European has developed the proprietary Co-integrated Steam and Compression Cycle (CSCC®) thermal cycle. The CSCC® cycle is deployed in its new and innovative BioFlex®160 CSCC® power plant, a 160MWe biomass fired power plant that is modular and standardised. The CSCC® power plant includes only leading edge equipment with a proven track record of operation and supplied by world class vendors.

CSCC® is a new thermal cycle that is tailor-made for biomass-to-power

This new cycle significantly exceeds the efficiency of a simple steam cycle when converting fuels with biomass properties to electricity. It responds to the volatility of fuel qualities and facilitates the active optimisation of processes that co-integrate into a comprehensive power plant for flexible dispatchable generation.