The innovative application of proven technology

Co-Integrated Steam and Compression Cycle (CSCC®) Technology

CSCC® technology is the most cost effective solution to increase the share of renewable energy in any power generation mix due to its predictability of dispatch, low cap-ex, high efficiency, embedded flexibility and high utilisation rate.

Company profile

Castle European (CEL) is a British energy systems technology business, specialising in the efficient and flexible delivery of power and heat at scale.
CEL’s technical team has extensive experience in planning, designing, operating and maintaining utility scale CHP and municipal district heating (DH) systems in the Western Balkans; this includes more than 4,000 MWt of operational experience in this field. CEL’s Technical Director, Aleksander Kovacevic, is a world authority in the practical application and optimisation of large scale complex energy systems.

The team

Castle European is a unique and visionary team of energy sector leaders with extensive experience in design, innovation and execution combined with a deep understanding of policy and finance. CEL’s leading thermal, mechanical and electrical engineering design team are complemented by senior executives with market knowledge of electrical supply and demand at both a macro and a micro level.

Our ethos

CEL’s unparalleled level of efficiency and flexibility is achieved by a configuration of proven technologies, with a unique application of heat recovery techniques. The utilisation of low grade heat in the overall cycle delivers more power and heat than any conventional system.

CEL’s proprietary products deliver complete energy systems (combined heat and power) which operate at market leading levels of efficiency. CEL’s proprietary transformational thermal process, CSCC®, facilitating further investment in intermittent renewable energy and enabling carbon neutral and carbon negative energy systems.

Carbon Recycled Energy
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